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Hair Transplant for Male & Female Hair Loss

Thinning hair and hair loss (alopecia) are part of the ageing process for many, occurring not just on the scalp but the eyebrows, too.

Hair loss and thinning can also be a result of other factors, including health issues and even fashion-led trends, such as the wearing of hair extensions and braids. This can also lead to the premature loss of hair and is not uncommon amongst dancers and athletes, who wear their hair tightly pulled back from the face. Typically, thinning hair and hair loss manifest as a widening of the parting and/or receding of the hairline.

How to treat male and female hair loss and hair thinning

The Dr Sebagh London clinic offers a range of advanced, highly effective treatments for hair loss and thinning.

PRP and SCALP Mesotherapy Treatments

Treatments, including PRP and SCALP Mesotherapy, have proven to be effective in treating the signs of premature hair loss, as long as the condition is identified early and treatment commences quickly (read more about PRP).

ROBOTIC NO TOUCH Hair Transplant Treatment

ROBOTIC NO TOUCH Hair TransplantHowever, in more serious cases, there is now an effective, proven technological breakthrough available at Dr Sebagh’s clinic to treat hair loss for many women and men: the ROBOTIC NO TOUCH hair transplant. Unlike the previous ‘hair-plug’ method of hair transplant, which produced often obvious and sometimes unsightly results, the ROBOTIC NO TOUCH device allows the doctor to create a natural looking hairline and cover large areas of the scalp requiring treatment by harvesting and transplanting individual hairs one by one. Natural front line look with the ROBOTIC NO TOUCH treatment.

Hair Transplant at Dr Sebagh Clinic

When performed by an experienced cosmetic doctor with a good aesthetic eye, the ROBOTIC NO TOUCH technique is used to determine the exact angle, orientation and position of each individually transplanted hair to create a truly undetectable result. All this is possible without the need to resort to the use of a scalpel and stitches with the subsequent risk of scarring. Tremendous results achieved for patients of various ages and conditions, with a success rate exceeding 90%. ROBOTIC NO TOUCH HAIR may also be used to transplant eyelashes too (often necessary after the overuse of ‘permanent eyelash’ beauty treatments). For an appointment, please telephone: +44 (0)20 7637 0548 or, alternatively, email: