Springcare Special

Springcare Special

It’s official: the clocks have gone forward and Spring has sprung! As the days get longer and temperatures start to rise, our skin’s needs can change accordingly, making now the perfect time to refresh your skincare and change up your routine. Here's how to refresh your skincare shelf and start the new season with a brighter and more radiant complexion.

Spring Clean your Skincare

Out with the old

Start the new season fresh by taking stock of your skincare shelf and removing any expired or out-of-date products. How to tell if your skincare is out of date? Check POA!

As per EU regulations, each Dr Sebagh product has a Period After Opening (POA) symbol on the box and bottle, tube or jar. This symbol indicates the period that you can safely use the product after it has been opened.

Continuing to use a product after its PAO will, at best, mean the product has a reduced efficacy. At worst, it could be a potential irritant.

It is important to note that the PAO is only an indication, and the way that skincare products are stored can affect the useful lifetime of the product after the first time it is opened (scroll down for expert storage tips).

Store your skincare like a pro

After editing your collection to remove out of date products, ensure those remaining are stored correctly to maximise their useful lifetime and maintain efficacy.

The way in which your products are stored can affect how long they last. This is particularly important for Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, Retinol Night Repair and Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum. Whilst all products should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, it is crucial to do so for the longevity of these products. Here's why:

Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream 'A POWER-PACKED SKIN BRIGHTENER' – Style Magazine

A notoriously unstable active ingredient, Vitamin C is particularly sensitive to moisture, heat and light. This potent antioxidant will quickly oxidise when exposed to the air and this oxidation reaction speeds up when the air has a high temperature and water content.


Whilst the patented powder formulation of Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream is best placed to minimise oxidation, no Vitamin C product is immune and our vials need to be stored properly in order to maximise their 6-month PAO.

Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum 'BEST ANTI-AGER' – Harper's Bazaar

Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum still has one of the highest concentrations of active ingredients in any skincare product on the market. Amongst the cocktail of potent Ageing-Maintenance ingredients is Vitamin C. This makes the storage of this serum crucial for maintaining its efficacy. 


Retinol (vitamin A) is a photo-sensitive molecule, meaning that it is particularly affected by exposure to UV rays. This is why Dr Sebagh suggests that you only use retinol products in your evening skincare routine. For the same reason, it is important to store your Retinol Night Repair away from direct sunlight as exposure to UV rays can affect the retinol in its formula, reducing the efficacy of the serum.

Switch Up Your Routine!

Temperatures, humidity and sun exposure increase throughout springtime, so your skincare routine needs to be adapted accordingly. Springcare is all about resetting your skin; removing dry winter skin and boosting hydration levels. With protection against cold winds and harsh winter weather less of a priority, opt for lighter creams and moisturisers whilst being vigilant about SPF coverage.


Swap Rose de Vie Cream Cleanser for Foaming Cleanser this Spring

If you were using Rose de Vie Cream Cleanser throughout winter and find that your skin is slightly oilier than usual or the pores slightly congested, switch to Foaming Cleanser.

If you were using Foaming Cleanser, you may want to switch to Breakout Foaming Cleanser to combat any increased oiliness that may appear during springtime.

Swap Foaming Cleanser for Breakout Foaming Cleanser 


Swap High Maintenance Cream for Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF15

If you were using High Maintenance Cream, switch to Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF15. This primer makes for a fantastic lightweight day cream and is the perfect addition to your springcare routine. Vitamin C Brightening Primer has all the essentials covered. Its lightweight texture makes it a perfect day cream for warmer weather and SPF15 protection gives skin 92% protection from UV rays. It also contains antioxidant Vitamin C and aquatic plant extracts which work to control and reduce melanin production in photo-induced pigmentation from increased UV exposure.

Swap Extreme Maintenance Cream for Vital Cream & Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF15

If you were using Extreme Maintenance Cream or Replenishing Cream switch to Vital Cream with SPF coverage, such as Vitamin C Brightening Primer.

Swap Vital Cream for High Maintenance Cream & Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF15

If you were using Vital Cream switch to High Maintenance Cream with SPF coverage, such as Vitamin C Brightening Primer.

Serum Bar

Consider reducing the amount of Rose de Vie Serum you use when blending your bespoke cocktail of serums.  At the same time, increase Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum and Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream.

Switch up your Serum Bar blend for Spring

These springcare swaps are simply suggestions. Your skin’s needs are unique and the beauty of the Dr Sebagh skincare range is that you can personalise your routine according to it's changing needs. Make a point of regularly 'checking in' with your skin, and customise your skincare accordingly (need help? Email the Dr Sebagh team, or DM us on Instagram).

Get that Springtime Glow!

Follow these steps to refresh and rejuvenate your complexion for spring.

1. Exfoliate

The first step to achieving a springtime glow is to reveal fresher, more radiant skin by sloughing away dead skin cells. Banish post-winter dullness with an AHA exfoliant such as Deep Exfoliating Mask. This will smooth and polish the skin, increasing skin cell turnover and leave skin glowing. In additon, it will allow any active ingredients applied next to penetrate the skin more effectively.

2. Hydrate

Follow Deep Exfoliating Mask with Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask for a plumped, glowing complexion. After rinsing, give your skin the ultimate hydration hit with Serum Repair.

3. Glow!

Speed up that springtime glow with Dr Sebagh Self-Tanning Drops, which give skin a streak-free, scent-free and sun-free golden radiance in just a few hours. Mix with moisturiser or serum.

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