The Facial Room in Chandos House

Welcome to The Facial Room in Chandos House, a haven of tranquility nestled on the top floor of the illustrious building that The Dr Sebagh Clinic and Skin Care call home. The treatments offered in The Facial Room are a truly indulgent experience designed to revitalise, rejuvenate and transform your skin. Combining the ultimate Ageing-Maintenance ingredients with cutting-edge technology, The Facial Room in Chandos House is where timeless elegance meets modern beauty. Discover the transformative power of our treatments and unveil your most radiant, luminous complexion.


Please email or call 02036872707 with any questions, queries or feedback.

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The Glossary

"Immediately afterwards I look 100% snatched – my cheekbones are lifted; my jaw is tighter and a lot more defined. It's really impressive..."

- Alessandra Steinherr

The Times

"Requiring no downtime, Dr Sebagh’s Ultralift Eye Facial Treatment is a 30-minute pick-me-up that temporarily revitalises tired eyes."

– Olivia Falcon

House Magazine

"By combining Ultralift technology with the classic facial, not only does this treatment deeply cleanse and revitalise your skin, it specifically targets the deep foundation below the skin to lift and tighten. Think of it as a workout for your muscles"

Country and Townhouse

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