Serum Bar 101

Serum Bar 101

There is no one, miracle product that will change skin forever. A single, fix-it-all product simply will not do the trick. According to Dr Sebagh, the real secret to ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ and naturally radiant, beautiful and healthy-looking skin is to mix a number of serums and powerful active ingredients, chosen daily, according to your skin’s ever-changing needs. 

Serums are everywhere in the skincare market now. However, not so long ago, in the early 2000s the skincare market largely consisted mainly of cleansers, moisturisers and exfoliators. In 2005, Dr Sebagh launched his first serum, the multi-award-winning Serum Repair, a hyaluronic acid serum formulated with collagen-boosting peptides. He decided upon the name ‘Serum Repair’ due to fears no one would know what ‘hyaluronic acid’ was. This goes to show how revolutionary this serum was in 2005. Hyaluronic Acid is now a hot skincare ingredient. Anyone with a slight interest in skincare will have heard of it. However, when Dr Sebagh launched his Serum Repair, few knew what it was.

Dr Sebagh didn’t stop at Serum Repair. His breakthrough concept of blending different serums to create a bespoke ‘crème-de-serum’ tailored to your skin’s needs was completely original. He spent years formulating other award-winning serums: Rose de Vie Serum, Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum, Platinum Gold Elixir and Signature Serum. Each is designed to be used alone or blended to target a certain essential need of skin. Now known as the Serum Bar, his concept of mixing and blending serums was truly revolutionary.

What made the Serum Bar so revolutionary was the fact that, for the first time, Dr Sebagh’s clients could take charge of their skin, diagnosing what it needed every day and becoming their own mixologist by blending their own supercharged skin prescription, exactly suited to their skin’s unique and ever-changing needs.


What advantage do serums have over creams?

Face creams and serums are not created equal. A modern cosmeceutical cream is a combination of water, oil (mineral, petroleum or silicone-based), active ingredients (hydrators, antioxidants, anti-ageing peptides, pollution filters, sunscreens), emulsifiers, preservatives and fragrance. These ‘ready-to-wear’, ‘all-in-one’ creams are perfect for a basic skin care regime.

However, due to problems of chemical stability, the concentration of active ingredients in a cream is limited and is usually inferior to the number of active ingredients in a serum, especially water-based serums.

At the Dr Sebagh Serum Bar, you can create your own, expertly customised skin care ‘cocktail’ to take your skin care regime to the next level.


Understanding your skin’s needs

What do we mean by your skin’s every changing needs? Your skin is changing all the time. What works for it one day, may not the next.

Dr Sebagh

‘It’s as simple as touching your face and asking yourself, ‘where is my skin at today? Use your fingers to see if it feels oily or if it is dry, flaky or sensitive. There are so many different factors that affect how your skin feels and looks – from air-conditioning and hormones to pollution and travel.’

We also know that stress has an impact on our skin (redness, flaking, breakouts) and, according to Dr Sebagh, women are more affected by this than men.

‘Stress inhibits the blood circulation, so your complexion looks grey and you lose any glow. Some days your skin needs more nourishing oil, some days more hydrating water.’

So it’s only when you know the state of your skin that you can choose what to use that day.

‘Think of a pot of face cream as Ready to Wear, and that you can potentialise it by customising it to your skin’s needs on that particular day. That’s when it becomes a ‘couture cream’. Is your skin feeling ultra-dry? Just add a couple of drops of face oil, such as Rose de Vie Serum to your cream.’

Hydration – as in extra water – is pretty much a staple for good skin, however, when traveling or sitting in an office all day, adding a few drops of a hydrating serum, such as Serum Repair to your cream is essential.

‘You can add vitamin C, such as my Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, to your moisturiser for more glow and better skin tone, but the real day-to-day difference comes from tailoring it daily with extra oil or hydration, as and when your skin needs it. It makes your skin healthy because it keeps the barrier strong – and that’s what makes a great skin. A bespoke crème-de-serum, made from a combination of my serums, is the only way to meet your skin’s ever-changing needs.’

Meet the Serums

Dr Sebagh’s award-winning serum bar consists of 5 serums: one oil-based and four water-based.


1. Award-winning Serum Repair

Dr Sebagh’s first ever serum combines hyaluronic acid, an anti-ageing peptide and hydrolysed collagen, Serum Repair is an intense hydrator, instantly plumping and replenishing your skin. This serum gives an instant result and is so effective only one drop is needed.

Serum Repair is perfect for normal, combination and oily skin. For dry skin, Serum Repair needs to be blended with an oil-based serum or a moisturiser. 


2. Award-winning Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum

This cult product has the highest concentration of active ingredients in any skin care product available today.

This potent super-serum includes antioxidant Vitamin C, the "youth molecule" Resveratrol, Hyaluronic acid for hydration, three anti-ageing peptides to repair collagen fibres and the skin matrix, a pollution filter and a complex that gives skin a healthy-looking glow.

Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum is the ideal multi-tasking serum, perfect as a long-term treatment and for all skin types at any age. A must-have product for anyone serious about skin care.

3. Award-winning Rose de Vie Serum

Loved by beauty insiders, this serum was created by Dr Sebagh using organic rosehip oil. Unlike other oils often used in skin care products (mineral, petroleum or silicone-based), organic oil does not clog pores.

Among its extraordinary skin care benefits:

  • Intense moisturisation and replenishment
  • Calms irritated and very sensitive skin
  • Reduces skin’s redness
  • Antioxidant and anti-ageing effect
  • Protects and smoothes your skin

4. Award-winning Platinum Gold Elixir

Luxurious and powerful, this opulent serum is formulated with Platinum and Gold peptides to help boost collagen, firm and tighten the skin. A Botox-like peptide has a relaxing effect on expression lines, whilst a golden radiance pigment provides a light-reflecting, illuminating effect.

5. Signature Serum

Dr Sebagh created this unique, cutting-edge biotech formulation to repair and minimise the key signs of skin ageing, even the more advanced signs.

It combines powerful moisturisers and antioxidants with protective, anti-wrinkle, firming and smoothing active ingredients. Working in tandem with the body’s chronobiological clock, it is especially potent at night, when the skin’s regenerative process takes place.

It also includes a pioneering active ingredient that combats the ageing of the cell’s nucleus, encouraging it to behave like a young cell and so delaying the metabolic and nucleus senescence (the process of deterioration with age).

In addition, it limits oxidative stress and encourages Telomeres lengthening to ensure optimum metabolism and the replication of young cells.


How to customise your skincare at the Dr Sebagh Serum Bar

If you blend one or two of Dr Sebagh’s water-based serums with a few drops of his oil-based serum (adjusting the number of drops to your own needs in terms of moisturisation), you will create the best ‘cream’ in the world (water + oil + active ingredients).

Your blended serum will have the highest concentration of active ingredients, meet your needs in term of prevention and reparation, and have the exact amount of moisturiser your skin needs.

This tailor-made ‘cream’ is beyond anything available in a pot or jar.

Another great benefit of customising your own ‘cream’ in this way is that it is perfect for combination skin. Combination skin is notoriously difficult to treat. However, by firstly using a water-based serum all over the face, you can give your skin the active ingredients and protection it needs without adding oil to any oily areas. Follow this water-based serum application with an oil-based serum on dry areas of the face only.

Customising your own perfect skin care in this way will transform your skin and give you results you have never experienced before.

Dr Sebagh Serums — How to combine them

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