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Anju Singh - Senior Clinic Facialist at Dr Sebagh

Anju Singh

Senior Clinic Facialist

Anju joined the clinic in 2020 and specialises in facials (lymphatic drainage) and reflexology. With 18 years experience, she is fully qualified in all areas of beauty therapy.

In addition, she is an expert in hot and cold therapy. “When using heat the blood vessels dilate bringing more blood through to the skin, " explains Anju. "Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin and muscles. Cold causes the vessels to contract and take away the toxins previously released by the stimulation of massage that may have been held within the tissues.”

Her treatments, including the Dr Sebagh Signature Facial and the Supreme Facial are available at the Dr Sebagh Facial Studio, for bookings please enquire at reception or ring 0207 580 3343.

Dr Sebagh Signature Facial

Experience the luxurious Dr Sebagh Signature Facial, exclusive to the Dr Sebagh Clinic in Wimpole Street. Beautifully tailored to the needs of your skin, each step of this hour-long treatment is expertly designed to leave your looking rested and radiant and your skin glowing with renewed vitality. Read more.

Dr Sebagh Supreme Facial

Introducing the NEW Dr Sebagh Supreme Facial. This unique, 90 minute, 3-in-1 treatment deeply rejuvenates, firms and smooths the skin with a hi-tech combination of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), LED and Radio Frequency (RF). It also incorporates expertly tailored, hands-on cleansing, purifying, lymphatic drainage and muscle toning. Read more.

Lymphatic Drainage

This is an intensely therapeutic treatment. A gentle method of rhythmic massage releases toxins from the skin, directing them towards the adjacent lymph nodes. Individual and prescriptive post-operative work helps to reduce swelling and improve the rate of skin, scar and bruise healing. The oil used for this process is called Healing. It is a specially designed, organic essential oil blended to accelerate the healing process. It can also be purchased at the clinic to use at home.


An exfoliating treatment which removes dead skin cells, surface debris and fine facial hair. Skin is left glowing and make-up glides on easily. Facial hairs grow back more finely. After the dermaplaning treatment, a mask is applied, followed by a facial massage and the application of Dr Sebagh skin care products chosen for your skin type by Tine.

Shirley Page - Holistic Clinical Therapist at Dr Sebagh

Shirley Page

Holistic Clinical Therapist

Shirley joined Dr Sebagh’s clinic in 2001, having garnered vast experience and knowledge in a career both as a therapist and as an educator.

Her expertise lies in Clinical Therapy, Beauty Therapy, Light Therapy and Aromatherapy, which she uses on clients to bring the complexion to the optimum level of health and radiance, whilst providing wide-ranging advice on skin care maintenance for the face and body. Her main objective is to bring the complexion to the optimum level of health and radiance and she provides personally tailored, comprehensive skincare advice.

Shirley provides a range of holistic facial treatments at the clinic including 4 different types of facial peels to rejuvenate the complexion, lymphatic drainage to release toxins from the skin, a deep cleansing treatment and an intensive hydration treatment using hyaluronic acid. She uses pure organic essential oils in all her treatments as well as light therapy which increases the production of natural collagen revealing a healthy and more youthful-looking skin.

Please enquire at reception for details on the treatments with Shirley in the Facial Studio or ring 0207 637 0548.

Facial Peeling

There are four types of peels available at the clinic, all of which include lymphatic drainage and the use of pure, organic essential oils. Facial peeling is used to totally rejuvenate the complexion and exfoliate the debris of dead skin cells, allowing fresh new cells to rise to the surface. The result? Beauty products are more readily absorbed and the skin reveals a healthy and more youthful-looking glow.

Paypaya Peel

Indicated for acne-prone and congested skin, this peel is used in conjunction with the Deep Cleanse treatment.

Fruit Enzyme Peel

Suitable for hyper-sensitive skin and during pregnancy, this is also a safe peel for the eyelids and surrounding area.

Deep Cleanse With Light And Herb

Either a Papaya or Fruit Enzyme Peel are used in this treatment, prepared with light to increase oxygen levels and inhibit the growth of bacteria. The extraction of stale sebum and debris is followed by lymphatic drainage with an organic blend of lavender essential oils and a camphor-based mask to refine the pores.

Deep Hydration

This treatment consists of a Fruit Enzyme Peel and the introduction of Hyaluronic Acid to the epidermis, to deeply hydrate the skin, combined with light therapy. The result is an increase in the production of natural collagen within the skin. In addition, Lymphatic Drainage is carried out with Rose Bliss oil, a deeply nourishing mask is applied and the skin given a relaxing exposure to the green wavelength of light, to aid the release of serotonin. Also excellent before and after facial surgery. Prices on consultation.

Clinic Notices

In keeping with the latest legal regulations, only specialist clinics with the necessary license are now permitted by law to perform the thread lift procedure.

As you would expect at the Dr Sebagh clinics in London and Paris, please be assured that we hold ALL the necessary licenses for all the treatments we offer.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Dr Sebagh clinic is closely following the information and guidance released by the UK government and Public Health England with regards to the spread and containment of coronavirus (COVID-19). Read more.

Dr Sebagh Clinic awarded Clinic of Excellence 2015 by Silhouette Soft

Dr Sebagh awarded Clinic of Excellence

Dr Sebagh Clinic has been presented with the Clinic Of Excellence award by Silhouette Soft.

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