Pre-Party Skin Prep

Pre-Party Skin Prep

Cold weather, shorter days and the countdown to Christmas can leave your skin looking tired at a time when your social calendar can often be the busiest! This edition of Skin Secrets is your cheat sheet for how to rejuvenate and replenish your skin for a radiant party-ready complexion.

The Skincare

Not sure which skincare routine will best boost your glow? Your prescription for the ultimate pre-party skin prep is here.

Step 1: Cleanse

The essential step in any skincare routine. Cleansing is essential morning and evening to remove pollution (heavy metals), make-up and debris from the surface of the skin and allow the active ingredients in the next steps of your skincare routine to really take effect.

Dr Sebagh Foaming Cleanser Key Ingredients

Normal/ combination skin types should reach for Dr Sebagh Foaming Cleanser. Its gentle foaming formula deeply purifies the skin removing dirt, debris, makeup and even mascara whilst taking care not to disturb the skin’s essential barrier function thanks to Glycerin and oat amino acids in its formula. Witch Hazel tones and soothes, leaving skin clean without overly drying or stripping the skin.

Rose de Vie Cream Cleanser Key Ingredients

Those with dry skin (or normal skin that is dehydrated due to cold weather and central heating) the apricot oil in Rose de Vie Cream Cleanser is the perfect cleansing agent for you. The soothing delicately rose-scented formula hydrates and regenerates the skin as it removes makeup and everyday impurities which clog the pores and dull the skin. Its formula is infused with exceptionally mineral-rich marine spring water sourced from the Granit Rose coast in Brittany and pumpkin seed extract. Naturally soothing, this ingredient acts on the skin’s neurogenous inflammation mechanisms, particularly in reactive skin.

Breakout Foaming Cleanser Key Ingredients

For oily and breakout-prone skin, Dr Sebagh Breakout Foaming Cleanser contains essential active ingredients which help to balance oily skin by fighting against sebum overproduction, helping to combat hyperseborrhea and regulates cell growth to inhibit hyperkeratosis and inflammation.Revitalising Blueberry Flower Water refreshes and stimulates the complexion. Naturally astringent, it tones the skin without leaving it feeling devitalised or dry.

Step 2: Exfoliate & Brighten

The secret to illuminated skin is a potent, collagen-boosting exfoliator. Dr Sebagh’s iconic Deep Exfoliating Mask uses a unique combination of azelaic and lactic acid to quickly and effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities. After one application skin is left smooth, velvety-soft and glowing. For an extra brightening boost of radiance, sprinkle in a bit of Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream.

Step 3: Masks

Why use one mask, when you can (and should) use two! Now that skin has been beautifully polished and cleared of any debris after the Deep Exfoliating Mask, use a clay mask to withdraw impurities from deep within pores. Apply Skin Perfecting Mask for 5-10 minutes and notice how much smaller pores appear immediately after.

For those with dry skin, opt for the Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask. This silky-textured nourishing mask is a real treat for your complexion and leaves skin feeling exquisitely soft and supple. Makeup is sure to glide on flawlessly!

Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask Key Ingredients

If you have time, and want the ultimate glow, use all three masks! Start with Deep Exfoliating Mask, followed by Skin Perfecting Mask and Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask to finish.

Step 4: Serums

Key Ingredients of Serum Repair, Rose de Vie Serum & Self-Tanning Drops

Anyone skin-savvy knows that serums are your best asset. Filled with potent actives, they deliver a shot of energy to your skin, visibly smoothing out wrinkles, improving skin texture and tightening pores, while also lessening the look of brown spots and reducing redness.

Hyaluronic acid is a must to hydrate and plump the skin. Mix one drop of Serum Repair with the calming, antioxidant-rich Rose de Vie Serum for soft, plump skin, primed for makeup application.

Banish winter paleness by adding in some Self-Tanning Drops for a natural bronzed glow. The smart way to self-tan, these Tanning Drops contain a Fractionated Melanin compound which protects skin from the damaging effects of HEV Light.

Step 5: Eyes

Refresh and brighten your eyes with Supreme Eye Serum. The cooling roller ball applicator feels heavenly and delivers a potent dose of antioxidants to this delicate area. Keep it in the fridge for extra cooling and de-puffing action and no one will know it’s your third party this week!

Step 6: Moisturise

Why use a normal moisturiser, when you can use a luminous one? Luminous Glow Cream is an oil-free hydrator that contains real pearlescent pigments to reflect light and give you a mesmerising radiance. Perfect for achieving that coveted dewy glow.

If you prefer a more matte makeup base, reach for the Vitamin C Brightening Primer SPF15. Its formula delivers a dose of antioxidant ascorbic acid, deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid and a trio of moisturising fruit extracts. Notice the remarkable, immediate effect on the way skin looks and feels.

Don't Forget A Slick of Lip Balm to Perfect your Pout!


Did you know that the award-winning Deep Exfoliating Mask can be used on your body too? Pick up a Professional Size Deep Exfoliating Mask fulfil your full-body exfoliation needs. Apply to legs before shaving for a cleaner shave, and smoother limbs. If you haven’t had time to go for a pedicure, the Deep Exfoliating Mask can be used as an SOS pampering treatment to get your feet heels-ready.

Plan on showing off your legs? Add a few drops of Self-Tanning Drops into the restructuring, lifting and firming Supreme Body. The innovative, intensive formula is enriched with active contouring ingredients and hyaluronic acid to leave skin deeply moisturised, supple and radiant looking. Whilst the tanning drops will give a sunkissed glow.

The finishing touch? A touch of sparkle of course! Non-greasy Shimmering Body Oil isn’t just any body oil; this dry body oil has a multitude of high-tech skin-benefiting properties. Enriched with antioxidant vitamin E and blended with two, carefully chosen types of 'nacre' (mother of pearl), this is the final step to achieve deeply moisturised skin and a beautifully bronzed, glittering gold effect to suit all skin tones. Apply freely from top-to-toe.

The Treatments

Alongside the traditional Botox and Dermal Fillers, the Dr Sebagh Clinic offers a multitude of complexion-perfecting non-invasive treatments with little to no downtime and no trace apart from the transformative effects they have on your skin.

PRP Facial

Despite the image conjured up by its nickname of the ‘Vampire Facial’, Platelet Rich Plasma facial is not as it sounds. Far from a pallid complexion, after PRP treatment skin appears plumper, more glowing, texture is refined, and fine lines are reduced due to increase in skin elasticity and boosted collagen.

A PRP facial should take no longer than an hour, and most patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately. First, a small amount of blood is taken from your arm which is then placed in a centrifuge which spins to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood. This process takes less than 15 minutes. The specially prepared platelet-rich plasma is then re-introduced to the chosen treatment area via mesotherapy gun.

Treatment with PRP is a natural anti-ageing solution which is unique to you as it uses your very own cells. Therefore, the treatment is hypoallergenic with no risk of infection, cross-contamination or adverse reaction.

Immediately skin will feel plumper and appear more radiant but the full effects of PRP will become apparent after roughly one to three months, as the biochemical processes which lead to skin rejuvenation are not instant. We recommend going to Dr Sebagh at least a month before party season commences.

Read more about PRP Facial at The Dr Sebagh Clinic here.

NEW: PRF Facial

The Dr Sebagh Clinic is the first to pioneer a new PRF treatment, maximising the body’s own healing power to rejuvenate and preserve youthful skin and to slow down the ageing process. For the first time, PRF has enabled a bio, eco, green alternative to classic filler injections, free from the risk of foreign body reactions that patients with allergies can experience with chemical fillers.

PRF is a 100% natural and chemical-free approach using and maximising your body’s own powerful healing proteins embedded within a natural fibre mesh. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a concentration of growth factors and cells collected from your own blood. It is a natural regenerative strategy that uses a standard blood draw, spun at high speeds in a Bio-PRF machine to create concentrated and natural growth factors.

PRF is an effective treatment that reduces the signs of ageing; slows down the ageing process when used preventatively, and helps to improve acne scarring. A potent treatment for facial rejuvenation, it improves skin tone, texture and enlarged pores. PRF Bio-Filler is proven to effectively induce Collagen synthesis when it is implanted within the superficial layers of skin and into the dermis. This special technology forms a stable clot following the heating process (e-PRF) which provides superior volume enhancement which makes fillers last longer by several months.

Specifically, this treatment can effectively and drastically improve the appearance of hollow eyes and dark circles, as well as reduce nasolabial folds, marionette lines, peri-oral lines and skin of the neck, chest and hands. It can also be used as a 100% completely natural bio-filler, capable of re-volumizing the face purely from a sample of the patient’s blood.

The difference between PRP and PRF lies predominantly in how your blood is collected. For PRF, your blood is spun at a lower speed so that heavier white blood cells, stem cells, and fibrin remain in the platelet layer. The slow spin also means fewer cells are damaged which leaves a higher concentration of healing platelets. PRF contains approximately 10 times the platelet concentration that is found within the body, whereas PRP contains roughly 2-5 times. With PRF, no anticoagulants are added. This allows for the creation of a spongy fibrin matrix that signals the platelets to release their growth factors slowly, meaning longer-lasting results. The effects of PRP last for approximately 3 months; with PRF this is extended to 6 months.

The final difference is how the treatments are used. PRP is typically performed as a facial or microneedling session while PRF is used as a filler. The fibrin and slow-release growth factors in PRF build volume in the skin, so this natural filler is a wonderful alternative to synthetic filler.

For patients looking to restore or add volume to the face, but desire a completely natural alternative to chemical fillers, PRF is the best option for you. Alternatively, you can upgrade your classic filler, by blending it with PRF and other vitamins to boost your complexion and give skin a wonderful radiance.

The treatment takes around 15 minutes and a visible improvement can be seen immediately after the treatment, but the benefits continue to reveal themselves as collagen production is boosted and becomes visible at around 2 weeks.

A small amount of redness, swelling or bruising can occur in the treatment area when the PRF is injected, however, this will subside in a few days. We suggest getting your PRF Facial done a few days before the big event!

Read more about PRF at The Dr Sebagh Clinic here.


Exclusive to the Dr Sebagh clinic, the Ultralift™ LP HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) machine harnesses the world’s first long-pulse ultrasound wave technology. This breakthrough treatment targets both muscle lifting and skin tightening, simultaneously.

Tightly and intensely focused, the UltraliftTM LP HIFU helps to lift the muscles in the face and neck, as a first step in defying the natural effects of gravity on muscle tone and skin firmness. HIFU machines achieve a skin-tightening effect through stimulating neocollagenesis in the dermis. Pulses of ultrasound energy delivered deep under the skin cause older collagen fibres to denature, triggering the body’s injury response which promotes collagen synthesis.

The Dr Sebagh Ultralift™ LP HIFU machine achieves a more intense concentration of ultrasound energy, creating thermal coagulation points which trigger a more intense response, resulting in maximum collagen formation.

A full face-and-neck treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, and a partial face treatment can take around 30 minutes, neither with any downtime. Patients may enjoy some initial effect but the ultimate lifting and toning will take place over 2-3 months, as tired collagen is renewed and replaced with new, stronger collagen. With Ultralift, there is no downtime. You are able to return to your normal activities right away, and there are no special measures you need to take.

Read more about Ultralift at The Dr Sebagh Clinic here.

Now you're prepped for party season!

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