Skin Care on the Slopes

Skin Care on the Slopes

Heading to the slopes this winter? Remember safety comes first and you need to think about protecting more than just your head and body on the pistes. 

With the freezing temperatures, harsh winds and beautiful blazing sunshine, your skin has a lot to contend with while you’re having all the fun in the mountains. To avoid a dry, chapped and sunburnt complexion —which can lead to premature ageing—  make sure to up the ante on your skincare! The first step to sensational skin on the slopes is understanding how to properly protect it.

Dr Sebagh Top Tip: 'When temperatures are extremely cold your skin goes into survival mode and needs essentially 3 steps. First, hydration. Feed your skin with an excellent hyaluronic acid, such as my Serum Repair.'   


Whether you are getting ready to leave your chalet in the morning, or preparing for a good night's sleep after a long day skiing down runs, the second step in your ritual, after cleansing, should be to apply one drop of Serum Repair. Pat the hyaluronic acid on to not-quite dry skin to trap water on the epidermis and lock in maximum hydration for the ultimate plumping effect.

Dr Sebagh Serum Repair (20ml), £72

Dr Sebagh Top Tip: 'Secondly, moisturise. Opt for face oils, such as Rose de Vie Serum and a nourishing moisturiser like my Extreme Maintenance Cream, designed for when skin is being more high maintenance.'   


A few drops of a luxurious, nourishing face oil, such as the award-winning Rose de Vie Serum is just what your complexion calls for. Packed full of vitamin E and antioxidants, and formulated with triple-filtered, 100% organic Rosehip Oil, this serum has low comedogenicity, meaning it doesn’t clog pores. In fact, it has antimicrobial properties which help to fight acne and will calm and soothe any skin irritation and redness. 

This serum is a must-have for your skiing skincare wardrobe, due to its exceptional healing and regenerative properties. It also works to increase collagen production and skin elasticity. Use on it’s own or blend with Serum Repair.

Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum (30ml), £132



Consider swapping your usual cream for something ultra-rich and luxurious. Dr Sebagh Extreme Maintenance Cream is designed for dry skin. Formulated with biotech ingredients and rich antioxidants this cream offers extreme hydration, comfort and protection.


Dr Sebagh Extreme Maintenance Cream (50ml), £98


Dr Sebagh Top Tip: 'And of course, protection. Finish off your skincare routine with a high-quality mineral SPF to protect against strong UV exposure and prevent damage and premature ageing. After a day on the slopes, pamper your skin with a luxurious face mask, such as my purifying clay mask, Skin Perfecting Mask, or the calming and restorative Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask.'

Dr Sebagh Skin Perfecting Mask (75ml), £38

Wearing a helmet all day can lead to sweat clogging your pores and ultimately, blemishes and spots. The best remedy for a deep cleansing action is to use a purifying, anti-pollution clay mask, such as the Skin Perfecting Mask. Formulated with pink kaolin clay from Britany, this mask works to absorb excess oil, regulate oil production, refine skin texture and tighten pores. This natural ingredient Kaolin, not only has absorbent properties, but also provides a wonderful astringent effect to the skin, and since it is electromagnetically charged, it helps to clear away dirt, pollution and other impure particles.

Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask (100ml), £74

If skin is feeling chapped and dried out after strong winds and icy air, the Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask has a silk-like texture which your skin will love soak up. This deeply moisturising and regenerating mask instantly plumps and refreshes the skin, leaving it looking youthful, energised and radiant: ready for another day on the slopes!


On Piste Pocket Essentials

Dr Sebagh High Maintenance Hand Cream (75ml), £36

Ideal for high maintenance hands when you are on or off the slopes! This hand cream contains such high quality ingredients — powerful antioxidant green coffee extract, environmental protection film, Omega 3 & Omega 6 to improve skin firmness and texture—  that it is good enough to use as a face cream too. It's non-greasy and quickly absorbed, leaving no residue, making it ideal for a quick application when you are on the go. Fragrance free, it is suitable for both men and women.

Dr Sebagh Lip Balm (15ml), £35

Intensely hydrating, blended with shea butter and 'green chemistry' vegetal oils. It has a soothing action which helps calm any irritation (dry chapped lips exposed to wind and sun). It's wonderfully thick and really lasts for a long time! Plus it has a hint of minty freshness which is very refreshing.

Did you know?

Dr Sebagh proudly sponsors Team GB Olympian skier Jack Cunningham.

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