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Skin Types

What skin type are you?

Many factors affect the way skin looks and feels, but your skin type is determined by the balance between water and oil in the skin. This depends on the amount of oil your skin produces, which affects its natural barrier. In some cases, the water/oil balance may be different in certain areas (combination skin).

Your skin type can change over time, as a result of age and a wide range of lifestyle factors such as diet, stress and general well-being. For this reason, it is a good idea to reassess your daily skin care regime regularly to ensure it is perfectly targeted to address specific concerns. The beauty of the Dr Sebagh Advanced Ageing-Maintenance Skin Care range is that it can be personalised (for example, by combining different serums at Dr Sebagh Serum Bar) to meet your skin’s changing needs, day and night.



Normal skin is characterised by the perfect balance between water and oil in the skin. Typically, this skin types looks healthy, with minimal blemishes or imperfections, and the pores are barely visible. Skin does not feel dry or oily in any areas. A normal skin care routine will help to maintain this balance and enhance radiance, whilst helping to repair and protect the skin against environmental aggressors. Discover Dr Sebagh's Daily Ritual for Normal Skin.


Dry skin naturally produces less oil, resulting in the need for intensive oil restoration and hydration. Skin feels dry, which can make fine lines more noticeable, and often lacks radiance. A dry skin care routine will restore the oily skin barrier and help to prevent moisture loss, improve elasticity, repair and protect the skin whilst leaving it looking plumped and glowing. Discover Dr Sebagh's Daily Ritual for Dry Skin.


Oily skin typically has enlarged pores, which are prone to congestion and, as a result, blemishes and breakouts. An oily skin care routine will help to rebalance the excessive amount of oil naturally produced by the skin, and reduce shine. As oiliness is controlled, specialist products and treatments can help to prevent and treat future breakouts, quickly and effectively. Discover Dr Sebagh's Daily Ritual for Oily Skin.


Combination skin, as the name suggests, is normal/dry in some areas and oilier in others. As a result, pores may be enlarged and skin prone to shine in certain areas. Blemishes and breakouts may be a problem. A combination skin care routine needs to address your complexion’s specific needs, helping to maintain the perfect balance between oil and water as and where needed. Discover Dr Sebagh's Daily Ritual for Combination Skin.

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