Lanluma Buttock Boost

A lack of volume due to age, weight loss or genetic factors can cause flat and sagging buttocks. Give yours a much-needed boost with Lanluma bio-stimulating injections which restore lost volume and improve skin texture.

What is Lanluma Buttock Boost?

Lanluma is a revolutionary biocompatible and biodegradable injectable polymer. Its formula is predominately Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) which differs from typical Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers insofar as PLLA doesn’t just ‘fill’; its proven formula boosts your body’s own natural collagen production process. This means that the effects of Lanluma last much longer than typical HA fillers which are broken down and metabolised by the body after a period of a few months.

PLLA is highly safe and effective and has been used in the medical field for decades in dissolvable sutures and scarring treatments. PLLA stimulates collagen synthesis leading to gradual volume replacement. Having been injected, PLLA triggers a localised inflammatory reaction in the tissue. It is this inflammatory reaction which promotes the formation of collagen by increasing fibroblast activity in the treatment area. As such, the result achieved by PLLA injectables is not due to the product itself but the natural process of collagenesis.

Lanluma’s innovative and minimally invasive PLLA treatment can help to correct and enhance the body’s curves and contours in a number of ways. Lanluma enhances curves in flat or saggy buttocks, improves skin tightness and texture, helps to reduce the appearance of dimples, improves the shape and volume of the buttocks, and corrects natural and post-surgical concerns such as atrophy and lipoatrophy.

Details of the Procedure

Depending on the effects desired and your body’s reaction to the injectable, a Lanluma Buttock Boost may require two to three sessions carried out over a period of a few months. Each session lasts around between one and two hours and the initial effects of the treatment will show immediately, but the optimal results will show in the months afterwards as your natural collagen is boosted.

Lanluma Buttock Boost with the Dr Sebagh Team

The procedure is extremely well-suited to the expertise of Dr Sebagh and his team whose medical knowledge of anatomy and physiology ensures natural-looking, flawless results.
What’s more, Lanluma Buttock Boost treatment programme can be combined with a number of treatments at the Dr Sebagh clinic to maximise the results, such as Body Perfecting Treatment and the Ultra Bodylift.

Dr Sebagh Lanluma Buttock Boost

Lanluma Buttock Boost FAQs:

What are the side effects of Lanluma Buttock Boost?

You should be able to resume most activities immediately. Side effects such as redness and swelling are common but temporary and should subside within a few hours. For the first 24 hours, you may want to apply an icepack for 35-45 minutes indirectly to the treatment area (avoiding contact with bare skin) to minimise swelling.

What, if any, aftercare instructions should I follow?

Before and after the procedure, any aftercare instructions will be clearly explained to you. Generally, aftercare is minimal consisting of a regular massage routine to ensure the best results. It is recommended that you massage the treatment area for 10 minutes, twice a day for two weeks following treatment.

Is Lanluma Buttock Boost safe?

A Lanluma Buttock Boost is minimally invasive and therefore safer in comparison to surgery given the absence of general anaesthetic and its associated risks. The risk of any complications, such as infection, are very low and the PLLA polymer material has been used in the medical field for over 30 years.

How long until I see results of my Lanluma Buttock Boost?

There will be an initial increase in volume in the treatment area due to the injection of the Lanluma solution, however this will subside within days as the water is absorbed. A period of a few weeks will elapse before results of the treatment begin to be observable, transforming the treatment area as natural collagen builds and grows. However, the full results of the treatment will appear gradually over a 2-to-3-month period as you proceed with your planned treatment programme.

As such, Lanluma Buttock Boost is a treatment that gives rise to a gradual transition, achieving the most natural result.

How long will my Lanluma Buttock Boost last?

Because PLLA activates the body’s own natural collagen response the results are much longer lasting than with Hyaluronic Acid fillers and can last up to two years and top-up procedures, if desired, are safe and effective.

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