‘Ageing-Maintenance’ Treatments for the Hands

Dr Sebagh and his team of doctors offer a full range of specialist, ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ treatments in the clinic that are expertly targeted to treat the visible signs of ageing on the hands.

Common Causes

Hands are constantly exposed to the elements and the damaging effects of environmental aggressors all year round, making them especially vulnerable to the premature signs of ageing. The most common factors affecting the appearance of the hands are as follows:

  1. Pigment deposition caused by any or a combination of the following: solar damage, the natural ageing process, and post-trauma.
  2. Textural changes due to structural change, including lower collagen and elastin levels.
  3. Volumetric change due to loss of subcutaneous fat.
  4. Osseus change: osteoarthritic changes causing deformities and loss of range of movement.

Treatment Options

We can address the first three causes of ageing in the hands at the Dr Sebagh clinic with relatively little disruption and downtime, in much the same way as we deal with the ageing of the face. However, it is important to note that treatments can be slightly more painful on the hands due to the proximity of bony structures and nerve endings.

In the Dr Sebagh London Clinic, Dr Diana Piana-Mariton uses IPL, Fraxel and bipolar radio-frequency to treat pigment and enhance collagen and elastin in the skin.

Volume replacement can be treated using traditional hyaluronic acid fillers or with Ellanse, a long lasting totally bio resolvable pcl, and Dr Piana-Mariton reports excellent results on hands with PRP + peptides.

Different types of fillers can be used for volume restoration of the hands, like Hyaluronic Acid, fat transfer and Ellanse, which induces a natural collagen restoration.

Hands need to be looked after on a daily basis. Moisturise with High Maintenance Hand Cream. Mix with a small amount of Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream to prevent and reduce pigmentation. From springtime, use Sun & City Protection SPF50+ and blend with Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream. Once a week, use Deep Exfoliating Mask to remove dead cells and to boost cell turnover, which slows down with age. If hands are super dry, Dr Sebagh highly recommends using a few drops of Rose de Vie Serum before applying hand cream.

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