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Non-Surgical Facelift - Results after 4 weeks

The Ultralift - New and Exclusive to Dr Sebagh

The Ultrasound Revolution The Ultralift is a revolutionary, no-downtime facelifting technology, using the power of gentle yet powerful ultrasound, to lift not just the skin but also the deep muscle layer underneath, which previously was reached by surgical facelifts. The Ultralift treatment uses the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound focusing the energy to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin, including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift, without disturbing the surface of the skin. The Ultralift treatment will stimulate the growth of new collagen over time, to gradually strengthen and tone your skin from within. During the Ultralift treatment, warm pulses of ultrasound energy are delivered deep under the skin, causing the muscle layer to contract. At the same time, the gentle heat also encourages the healthy, natural process of rejuvenation, stimulating your skin to produce its own fresh new collagen, making skin firmer, brighter, tighter and more elastic. In less than an hour you can go about your day after a single Ultralift procedure to tighter, firmer, better-fitting skin. You may notice a short-term "boost" but the natural process of creating new, more elastic collagen builds over time. Read more.

The Ultralift Eye Treatment

A lowered brow line or sagging skin on the eyelids is often the first sign of ageing. The Ultralift Eye Treatment, pioneered at the Dr Sebagh Clinic, enables his team of Doctors to work effectively on the upper and lower eye lids to lift and firm the delicate eye contour area. Read more.

NEW: Introducing the new K Thread VERTICAL LIFTING technique at Dr Sebagh’s London and Paris clinics

Following the launch last year of the K (Korean) Thread Lift with Mono PDO (Polydioxanone) threads at Dr Sebagh’s London and Paris clinics, the NEW treatment—also designed to lift sagging skin without invasive face lift surgery—involves an alternative technique developed by Dr Sebagh in order to achieve a superior lifting effect.

The K Thread Lift is a treatment which lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue, using Korean threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO).

The threads are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin. Once introduced, the threads produce three effects in the skin:

  1. Instant Skin Lifting through mechanical effects
  2. Cellular renewal, through collagen stimulation and neovascularization to improve skin texture, fine lines and elasticity
  3. Skin tightening by contracting fat tissue

Read more about the Vertical Double Thread Lift.

Only CQC clinics and doctors are allowed to deliver thread lifts.


Botox® is a muscle relaxant which is administered via a series of painless, super-fine injections into the muscles of the face where wrinkles most commonly form. It dramatically smoothes frown lines on the forehead, crow's feet around the eyes, prevents puckering and dimples on the chin. Botox® can also be injected into the neck to delay the need for a neck lift. The effects last for three to six months.

Facial Fillers

As we age, we naturally lose the fatty tissue that gives skin that desirably plump, youthful appearance. To replace this volume and to prevent the face from ‘falling’, we use injectable fillers -Teosyal and Juvéderm - to plump out the more superficial laughter lines around the nose and mouth and also to fill out thinning lips. Fillers are made up of an injectable gel containing hyaluronic acid, a moisture holding compound naturally found in the body. Where required, the use of thicker fillers, including Teosyal Ultra Deep, are inserted slightly deeper into the skin with a small cannula to fill deep folds and enhance specific areas of the face, such as the cheekbones. Read more.

Silhouette Soft Lift (FDA cleared)

Silhouette Soft Lift is a bidirectional bioresorbable suture (Poli Lactic Acid) with absorbable cones that achieves volume augmentation and skin retightening in any area that it is placed (face, neck, inner arms or inner thighs). It’s a safe, tailor-made treatment, delivered under local anesthesia, with correction lasting from 18 to 24 months. Complementary to other aesthetic treatments such as Hyaluronic acid, Fraxel, E Two Sublative, which optimise the natural effect of this new non-surgical face and neck lift. Read more.

Non-surgical facelift combining threads and fillers

Now for the first time you can get a facelift result without the surgery.

Dr Sebagh has created his own unique revolutionary technique of combining Teosyal fillers and Silhouette Soft Lift to achieve the perfect surgery-free facelift.

Everyone’s dream – a surgery-free facelift – is now possible. See the video below. Contact the clinic here.

And see the results of this revolutionary technique four weeks later:

Dream Sculpture

Dr Sebagh has pioneered a remarkable facial sculpting technique to restore loss of the subcutaneous fat at the temples (fat atrophy), eye area (hollow eyes), cheekbones and lower cheek area, restoring dramatic, youthful contours. This treatment has minimal discomfort, no scarring and most patients experience no bruising. The procedure takes only half an hour to complete.

Skin Vitamin Injections, ‘Meso Glow’

This rejuvenating cocktail, delivered via virtually painless air gun injections, contains an exclusive vitamin and mineral complex formulated by Dr Sebagh to protect, restore and maintain the skin. An excellent pre-party treatment designed to give complexions a boost of vitality and that elusive glow that may have friends asking if you’ve been on holiday.

After medical advice various treatments can be proposed:

Explore/Scarlet - Introducing New Radio Frequency with Micro Needling

New to the Dr Sebagh clinic, Explore/Scarlet combines the proven results of Fractional Radio Frequency and skin needling within minimal downtime.

Bringing together both technologies in a choice of invasive or non-invasive treatment options, Explore/Scarlet can be used to treat a wide range of skin concerns including skin tightening, improved skin texture, pore minimisation, wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction, improved skin tone, improved skin brightness and skin rejuvenation. Read more.

Fraxel (FDA clearance)

Fraxel treatment uses pinpoint laser beams that penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to eliminate old, damaged skin cells, replacing them with fresh, glowing healthy skin. It leads to enhanced tone and texture, reduced wrinkles around the eyes and improved appearance of acne scars.

NEW: Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

The next generation of platelet concentrates is here. Utilising natural vascular growth factors already present in your blood to rejuvenate the skin, PRF takes the PRP facial—famously known as the ‘vampire facial’— to new, unprecedented levels. Previously only used in joints and dentistry, PRF technology has now entered the sphere of facial aesthetics. Read more.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Plasma Lift

From a small sample of your blood, we isolate your clear plasma and platelets, and then re-inject them into your skin using a painless air gun device. Your platelets have the ability to release locally growth factors. These act as messengers that initiate the skin regeneration process. Hence this is a natural anti-ageing solution, which uses your own blood, reversing all the common signs of ageing. Your PRP treatment is unique to you as it uses your very own cells; as a consequence the treatment is both natural and hypoallergenic. Read more.

In the video below, Dr Diana Piana-Mariton demonstrates PRP with Trinny Woodall. You can read Trinny's full review on her website.

"When the clinic became one of the first locations in the U.K. to introduce The PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma – therapy under the perfect hands of Dr Diana Mariton, I knew I had to give it a try." Trinny Woodall.

PRP is suitable for the face (eyelids, cheeks), neck, décolletage, inner arms, knees, and inner thighs. It is especially useful for hair growth - Tatler magazine called it "the punchiest hair-loss treatment we've found" (Tatler Hair Guide 2013). Read more about Hair Transplant Treatments at the Dr Sebagh Clinic. PRP can be combined with Fraxel or Radio Frequencies to activate and boost growth factors. Read Dr Michael Mosley's review of the Vampire Facelift here.

Fraxel Stem Revival

This combination of two major breakthroughs (Fraxel + PRP) gives the most exciting renewal of skin we have seen in recent years. Fraxel, the gold standard in activating skin, is coupled with the highest concentration of growth factors, injected painlessly into your skin, which activates your naturally occurring stem cells. Experience again the amazing vitality and glow of truly “younger” skin!

Ruddiness Resolved

Rosy cheeks were cute but ruddiness goes too far, making the skin over sensitive. Three to four treatments with Cutera Cool Glide Laser will make your skin manageable once more and help to control rosacea.

Intense Pulsed Light Rejuvenation

A treatment designed to restore and maintain youthful radiance whilst helping to protect against the effects of ageing. It can target and improve some blemishes caused by sun damage. It can help in treating issues such as rosacea, broken capillaries and pigmentation due to various issues… as well as textural changes in collagen and pores. Minimal downtime after treatments.

Combined Laser Treatment For Acne-Prone Skin

These treatments sterilize and control hyperactive sebaceous glands, achieving very good control of breakouts which may be acne or rosacea related.

Combined Laser Treatment For Rosacea

This procedure helps to diminish facial flushing and redness, as well as controlling breakouts. Read about Dr Sebagh Non-Surgical Treatments for the Body.

Clinic Notices

In keeping with the latest legal regulations, only specialist clinics with the necessary license are now permitted by law to perform the thread lift procedure.

As you would expect at the Dr Sebagh clinics in London and Paris, please be assured that we hold ALL the necessary licenses for all the treatments we offer.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Dr Sebagh clinic continues to follow closely the information and guidance released by the UK government and Public Health England.

Dr Sebagh Clinic awarded Clinic of Excellence 2015 by Silhouette Soft

Dr Sebagh awarded Clinic of Excellence

Dr Sebagh Clinic has been presented with the Clinic Of Excellence award by Silhouette Soft.

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The Vampire Facelift

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