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Dr Sebagh Clinic

Dr SebaghWith more than 30 years of experience and expertise, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh and his team of fellow doctors provide an unparalled level of knowledge and appreciation for their chosen field and it is this unique degree of discreet professionalism and care that sets the clinic apart.

Within the field of cosmetic treatments there has never been a greater choice available or opinions to solicit, trust is essential and reputation is everything.  Dr Sebagh and his team of dedicated fellow French cosmetic doctors are renowned for providing London’s premier anti-ageing and "ageing-maintenance" procedures for the face and body.

"Over the last 15 years, since giving up facial surgery, my main goal has been to achieve face and neck lifting with cosmetic medical procedures. During this time, there has been a surge in new technologies, allowing us to achieve an almost identical and somehow more natural result than surgical procedures, considerably reducing the risks and side effects." Dr Sebagh

The clinic specialises in offering flexible, non-invasive treatments (including the new and exclusive Ultralift) designed to enhance each patient's individual look and unique beauty. All treatments have the benefit of an exceptionally fast turnaround time - it is possible, for example, to achieve positive, noticeable results within an average lunch break.

Patients' safety is our priority, from the products we use to our high quality, pioneering techniques designed to keep the surgeon’s knife at bay.

Outside of the clinic, Dr Sebagh's advanced ageing-maintenance product range can be used to address specific concerns and to boost and support the skin's natural process of cellular rejuvenation. The products, as you would expect, benefit from the same, first class reputation as Dr Sebagh's professional services.