Eyes: Dark Circles & Puffiness

Eyes: Dark Circles & Puffiness

Dark Circles

Perhaps the most common of all concerns in the eye area is dark circles which affect men and women of all ages. Caused by lifestyle habits, genetics, or UV damage, dark circles are almost an inevitable fact of life. However, some products and treatments can minimise and fade them.

Cause: Age

As the skin around the eyes is so thin, any kind of discolouration caused by the capillary network and veins under the eyes can be noticeable, causing dreaded dark circles. As we age, this skin becomes even thinner and more transparent making the dark circles more prominent.

Cause: Lifestyle

Toxins and pooling of blood in this delicate under-eye area can make dark circles more visible. Tiredness and lack of sleep can lead to dilated blood vessels and thereby darker circles. It’s important to consider your lifestyle choices and minimise screen time. Facial massage techniques can help to alleviate a build-up of toxins and help blood flow.

Cause: Bone structure

Bone structure, genetics and deep-set hollow eyes can also determine the intensity of dark circles and contribute to an aged appearance. Especially after a certain age, it is possible to you need to restore the bone resorption and the deep fat pad, for a youthful eye socket contour.

While injecting hyaluronic acid fillers is not recommended in the eye socket area, Dr Sebagh highly recommends injecting it in the deep fat compartment area just underneath the eyes called the SOOF (sub-orbicularis oculi fat), the Malar and Zygomatic areas, and eventually the temples. This results in beautifully reshaping and plumping the eye contour area, which can also help to minimise the appearance of dark circles.

Dr Sebagh Eyes: Dark Circles and Puffiness

Cause: Pigmentation

Pigment dark circles, due to genetics (often more common in darker complexions) and UV exposure, are best treated topically. One of the best ingredients you can reach for is vitamin C, famous for its brightening power and ability to effectively fade pigmentation.

Applying this to the periorbital area will inhibit the skin’s melanin (pigment) production, slowing down the cellular process which causes skin discolouration. A strong antioxidant, it also prevents free radical damage which can contribute to dark circles.

Dr Sebagh’s Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream is a high concentration of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C. The unique and original formulation uses micro-encapsulation to ensure the vitamin C is stabilised until the very moment of application. When you rub the powder into your skin, only then does it release and activate the ingredients inside. Sprinkle Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream into your eye cream and apply morning and night to brighten skin, and reduce dark circles and pigmentation.


 Using an eye cream with active ingredients both day and night will help to reduce dark circles. Supreme Eye Serum is packed with ingredients to eliminate dark circles including:

  • Palmaria Palmata Extract (Red Seaweed), naturally high in Vitamin A and B12, to actively stimulate the elimination of waste (in particular, fatty acids), reducing puffiness.
  • M2NC Complex, a unique blend of two Matrikines (to decrease skin fragility and strengthen the skin barrier), N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) and Chrysin, a flavonoid, which work in synergy to reinforce firmness and tone and activate the elimination of waste that results in dark circles and puffiness.

Dr Sebagh Supreme Eye Serum

Top tip: double up and use a serum underneath your eye cream for extra efficacy. Supreme Eye Serum, can be used alone or in combination with your other eye creams.

Ensure you protect the fragile skin around your eyes from UV damage by applying your SPF right up to your eyes.

Puffy Eyes

Dr Sebagh Puffy Eyes Causes and Treatments

Mild swelling and puffiness under the eyes are frustrating and common. This can indicate a number of things. Fat around the eyes can begin to drift with age and move into the area below your eyes, giving it a puffy appearance. Excess fluids can also gather in the space below your eyes and appear to bulge. Your genetic makeup and the anatomy of your eye socket can also play a large role in whether you are prone to puffy eyes. However, lifestyle habits can have a huge impact on swelling and puffing.

Poor sleep is one of the most common culprits. A natural human reflex when we are tired and fatigued is to yawn. When we yawn it encourages our eyes to water and even tear up. This excess fluid around the eyes can lead to swelling and a puffy appearance.

Water retention is also a major contributing factor. Eating high-sodium foods encourages water retention, especially around the eye area. If you eat a salty dinner, you may notice the next day you wake up with very puffy eyes. This water retention is less noticeable on other parts of your body, but it is very obvious in the thin eye area, where there is nowhere else for the extra fluid to hide. Avoid eating processed foods which often contain very high levels of sodium. It’s important to be conscious of what you are eating.

Alcohol, caffeine, a lack of sleep and salty foods all lead to dehydration, which in turn leads to fluid retention and puffy eyes. Be mindful of your lifestyle choices and drink enough water.

Living in a dry climate can also affect puffiness. Being in high altitudes with low humidity can lead to fluid shifts in the eye area when the humidity drops. Bear this in mind if you are planning a trip to the mountains.

If you often wake up in the morning with puffy eyes, consider your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back with your head elevated can help to drain fluid. Avoid sleeping on your front as this can exacerbate the build-up of fluid

Dr Sebagh De-Puff Eye TreatmentDr Sebagh’s De-Puff Eye Treatment and Supreme Eye Serum are designed with cooling roller ball applicators, which help to constrict the blood vessels and push and drain fluid out of the tissue around your eyes. It is a great way to awaken the eye area and start your day.

Top Tip: Keep these products in the fridge overnight for extra coolness.

De-Puff Eye Treatment is a high-tech, trouble-shooting eye product which targets puffiness and dark circles, whilst rehydrating, firming and smoothing the skin to restore a younger, fresher and more rested look.

This specialist formula addresses the multiple causes of puffy eyes and dark circles: sluggish microcirculation; poor drainage of water and waste products in the eye area; and the accumulation of fatty materials.

Containing a potent combination of advanced ingredients, Dr Sebagh De-Puff Eye Treatment immediately soothes, smoothes and nourishes the skin in the delicate eye area, whilst boosting the microcirculation to assist with the removal of impurities and helping to break down excess fatty deposits under the eyes.

Both Supreme Eye Serum and De-Puff Eye Treatment contain key de-puffing ingredients such as Red Seaweed Extract, M2NC Complex and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, proven to reduce the appearance of puffiness and tighten the eye contour whilst soothing the skin and enhancing elasticity.

However, De-Puff Eye Treatment also contains Soya Lecithin, a naturally de-puffing soybean extract composed of phospholipids, and Zea Mays to stimulate cutaneous circulation and remove waste products from the eye area.

This silky, quickly absorbed treatment is also enriched with enzymes that shrink the capillaries which cause dark shadows, for brighter-looking eyes.

Dr Sebagh De-Puff Eye Treatment

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