Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

For Him

Stop him from stealing your skincare, and gift him his own routine! Rooted in medical heritage, our potent and powerful formulas are made with active, biotech ingredients and are completely fragrance-free. For energised, smooth and youthful skin, let him unwrap our creams and serums on Christmas day.

There are key differences between male and female skin primarily caused by the higher level of testosterone. Higher testosterone levels mean that male skin is thicker, produces more sebum, perspires more, has a higher collagen density, heals slower and produces facial hair.


Dr Sebagh Foaming Cleanser (150ml), £32


The light formula effortlessly washes off surface dirt and debris, morning or night. It gently but effectively purifies the skin as it deep cleanses, leaving it feeling fresh and soft. Available in a perfectly portable 50ml size for the gym or weekends away. Suitable for all skin types, apply a generous amount of Foaming Cleanser to dry skin.


For the majority, shaving is part of the daily male grooming routine. Shaving is a major culprit in disrupting the integrity of the skin’s essential barrier. For skin barrier protection and repair we recommend: The iconic Serum Repair, formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and a Micro-Molecular Collagen Peptide making it a perfect post-shave balm.


Dr Sebagh Serum Repair (20ml), £72


Serum Repair immediately tightens, freshens and firms. A hero hydrator based on hyaluronic acid, it boosts collagen levels and retains moisture for smoother, tighter skin. A must-have for every man wanting fresher-looking, firmer-feeling skin.



Dr Sebagh High Maintenance Cream (50ml), £98


This all-in-one, high-achieving moisturiser protects your skin against the elements, replenishes, hydrates and rejuvenates in addition to delivering ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ benefits. Formulated with Ceramide-Like (obtained from biotechnology from stabilised Omega 6) and Linoleic Acid to replenish and create a moisture-locking barrier on the skin. Suitable for use during any season, it leaves skin hydrated, softer, more supple and energised.


For the oilier man, try Skin Perfecting Cream as it contains powerful sebum and lipid-absorbing biotech ingredients.



Dr Sebagh Skin Perfecting Mask (75ml), £38

Another product we’re sure he will love is Dr Sebagh Skin Perfecting Mask. The highly advanced Skin Perfecting Mask not only deep-cleanses and purifies the skin, it also regulates oil production, tightens the pores, refines skin texture and helps to shield skin against UV rays and the dulling effects of pollution. Its clarifying, anti-pollution formula is based on naturally absorbent and astringent pink kaolin clay from Brittany, France and features a Polysaccharide EPF (Environmental Protection Factor) which acts as a protective ‘second skin’, helping to shield it against pollutants and limiting the ageing effects of external aggressors. It is suitable for all skin types, and we highly recommend it for all men specifically because men have larger sebaceous glands and the cells within them are more receptive to testosterone which promotes the production and secretion of sebum. As such, male skin is typically oilier and more prone to congestion making a clarifying clay mask a must in his skincare routine!


Dr Sebagh Supreme Eye Serum (15ml), £95

Banish signs of a few too many late nights during the festive season or hours spent staring at the screen. This super-serum instantly refreshes within 5 minutes of application, leaving skin looking and feeling smoother, younger and firmer. Male skin is more prone to deep expression lines and more prominent sagging in the under-eye area which is why the active ingredients in Supreme Eye Serum make it a perfect gift for him this Christmas.

Buy both Supreme Eye Serum and the post-shave saviour Serum Repair in our limited edition Round the Clock Christmas Gift Set (and save £71!)


For Her


Dr Sebagh’s iconic pink Rose de Vie range, infused with the essence of rose for a luxurious experience from the beginning to the end of her skincare routine.


The first step of the iconic Rose de Vie collection, is the luxurious Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Cream Cleanser. Delicately rose-scented and the perfect cleanser for those who prefer to use a richer, more nourishing formula. The soothing, mineral-rich formula is infused with marine spring water from Brittany’s Granit Rose coast, which hydrates and regenerates the skin as apricot oil gently cleanses the skin from everyday impurities that dull the skin and removes pore-clogging makeup. Rich in skin-barrier restoring lipids, proteins and zinc, pumpkin seed extract acts on the skin’s neurogenous inflammation mechanisms to soothe and calm particularly reactive skin.


Super-silky, non-greasy and non-pore clogging, Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum is formulated with 100% organic rose hip oil which naturally helps to restore the skin barrier, calm inflammation and reduce any redness as it moisturises. This potent natural oil is renowned for its naturally anti-ageing, antioxidant and replenishing benefits. This oil is particularly rich in the essential fatty acids which play an important role in the process of regenerating the skin’s natural barrier. It also assists in the hydration of the skin by preventing water loss, ensuring a supple texture and helping to protect the skin against premature ageing. The seeds are cold pressed and the oil obtained is filtered several times through fine paper filters, making it totally non-pore clogging. The serum also contains a naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and antihistamine biotech ingredient to reduce redness and itching for ultimate skin soothing.



The Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask is deeply moisturising and regenerating, working to plump and refresh the skin, leaving it looking youthful and energised. Formulated with rose extract which not only infuses this mask with a delicate floral scent but is rich in Flavonoids renowned for their antioxidant activity. The mask's antioxidant effects are compounded by Vitamin C from Iris and Rose petals whilst Lentil extract's dose of Vitamin B5 works to soothe tired and sensitive skin.



Does she love cocktails? This Christmas she can be her own skincare mixologist with Dr Sebagh’s Iconic Trio Gift Box.

Experience Haute Couture for your skin. The original skincare couturier, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh pioneered the concept of blending different serums to create a bespoke 'crème-de-serum' tailored to your skin's needs. With a quantity and quality of active ingredients superior to any 'prêt-à-porter' face cream, the Iconic Trio Gift Set features Dr Sebagh’s 3 key serums, so she can create the ritual of her dreams.

Iconic Trio Gift Box £192

For Teens


The Dr Sebagh Breakout Range

Powerful anti-acne ingredients that banish imperfections without being overly harsh on young skin. The award-winning, Dr Sebagh Breakout Cream & Powder is a pioneering treatment formulated with the innovative Acnet complex (a natural complex of ingredients including Oleanic Acid and Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid which work together to combat the four-step process that can result in blemishes and acne-prone skin: abnormal keratinisation, leading to clogged pores; overproduction of oil (sebum); bacterial proliferation; and inflammation from a reaction to the bacteria and debris accumulation). Its unique delivery system (mixing the antibacterial powder into Breakout Cream) allows teens to tailor their skincare to suit their individual skin needs such that Breakout Cream can be used alone or as part of a targeted oily/combination skincare routine.


Dr Sebagh Bronze & Glow Gift Set, £94

The Bronze & Glow Gift Box contains everything your teen will need to feel like the belle of the ball at any Christmas party. Serum Repair’s Hyaluronic-Acid and Collagen complex will plump and smooth their skin (for pre-party skin prep, apply a generous layer to the skin like a mask and leave for 10 minutes). It also makes a fantastic base for Self-Tanning Drops which can be used on the face or mixed with body moisturiser and applied all over to turn pasty limbs golden and glowing. To finish, apply Shimmering Body Oil all over, or use it to highlight specific areas such as collar bones. This multi-active dry body oil nourishes and hydrates dry winter skin and provides it with a hint of party-ready sparkle so your teen can shine as bright as the star atop the tree.

For Mum


Dr Sebagh Supreme Collection Gift Set, £248

A supreme present for the woman who deserves it most this Christmas. Featuring Supreme Day Cream rich in antioxidants, plant oils to restore the skin barrier, hyaluronic acid and a compound which protects the skin from HEV Light emitted by screens, give her the gift of supreme rejuvenation. Overnight, dream supreme with Supreme Night Secret; a night cream featuring the revolutionary biotech ingredients Chronodyn and Juvinity. These intelligent ingredients work with your body’s biological clock for maximum effect, boosting cell regeneration and delaying the deterioration of skin cell nuclei, all whilst she slumbers!

Day, night and all around the clock she can look bright-eyed with just one glide of Supreme Eye Serum. The cooling roller-ball applicator delivers a potent dose of serum to instantly illuminate, tighten and refresh the eye area.


Dr Sebagh Retinol Night Repair (30ml), £72

For even more overnight skincare, try Dr Sebagh’s Retinol Night Repair. A revolution in retinol treatments - read more about its benefits here. Trust us, she’ll love it.

Find Retinol Night Repair in the Dr Sebagh Overnight Sensation Gift Box, with award-winning Serum Repair for only £82.

For Grandma


Dr Sebagh Signature Gold Box, £395

Perfect for ladies of luxury, this gift box contains her prescription for ultimate Ageing-Maintenance and agelessly radiant skin.

In the morning, Platinum Gold Elixir's unique combination of 15 active ingredients work in synergy to help firm, smooth, protect, regenerate and enhance the skin. Designed to be used as an intensive four-week treatment, Platinum Gold Elixir expertly targets lines with Botox-inspired compounds making skin feel firmer and tighter. This intensive serum is formulated with precious metals including 24K gold and a synthetic peptide enriched with colloidal platinum to help boost collagen synthesis.

At night, Dr Sebagh Signature Serum's two breakthrough biotech ingredients works in tandem with your skin's chronobiology for maximum regenerative benefits. Dr Sebagh's signature 'Ageing-Maintenance' blend, promoted faster and more effective cell renewal for plumper, firmer and more radiant-looking skin.

Stocking Fillers

Stuff their stocking with Dr Sebagh. These perfectly petite treasures will be sure to make their face (and skin) light up on Christmas morning.

Dr Sebagh Lip Balm (15ml), £35.

Dr Sebagh High Maintenance Hand Cream (75ml), £36

Dr Sebagh Self-Tanning Drops (20ml), £35

Dr Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream (1.95g), £20.

Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie serum (5ml) £26, Serum Repair (5ml) £22 , Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum (5ml) £22

Qualifying purchases throughout December receive travel-sized serums in a festive Christmas cracker - making the perfect stocking filler!

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