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Breakout Skin

What causes breakouts?

Breakouts can occur at any age and stage of life, as a result of oily skin and blocked pores which leads to infection, inflammation and blemishes. Dr Sebagh has created this powerful range of potent, expertly targeted products to quickly and effectively make breakouts disappear whilst helping to prevent them occurring in the first place.

Cleanse, exfoliate and deep-cleanse

Twice-daily, deep cleanse the skin with the specialist Breakout Foaming Cleanser. Essential for both treating and helping to prevent breakouts, this naturally anti-bacterial formula has an anti-inflammatory action and an instantly soothing, calming effect on the skin.

Regular, effective exfoliation using the powerful and iconic Deep Exfoliating Mask is essential (twice weekly if your skin is prone to breaking out a few times each month). This also opens the pores and prepares skin for the deep cleansing, clay-based Skin Perfecting Mask, which absorbs dirt and infection, whilst purifying the pores.

How to treat a breakout

To treat a breakout, the must-have Breakout Cream, mixed with the pale pink Antibacterial Powder, provide an expertly targeted breakout solution, immediately drying out blemishes and reducing redness. Breakout Cream and Antibacterial Powder can be used as a fast- acting ‘SOS’ treatment for individual blemishes, whilst Breakout Cream can be used alone on problem-prone areas to help prevent breakouts.

Choose oil-free

For complexions prone to breakouts, it is important to choose oil-free skin care products as part of your ‘Ageing-Maintenance’ regime. Serum Repair is perfect, being oil-free but rich in hyaluronic acid to powerfully rehydrate and plump the skin, whilst boosting radiance.