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Review Details

Supreme Night Secret (50ml)

Product Review (submitted on November 10, 2020):
I really wanted to love this cream and knowing the brand is so good I decided to invest the money into it. But I think it's worth noting that this is definitely not for everyone. I have normal skin so not oily, not dry, and this cream wrecked my skin. I started using it and maybe a couple of weeks later I started having the worst break outs ever. And they were more like open comedones and white heads so i know they weren't hormonal. like I never had before. My skin was glowing just before and it went really bad. I stopped using and ended up giving the cream away to a friend who also has normal skin but whilst I'll have the occasional spot she never has them. And again the same happened to her.
Maybe it's just very rich and oily so if you don't have extremely dry skin I'd be careful.
A few weeks after I stopped using my skin went back to normal but I am gutted that I spent all the money only to have my skin wrecked. So thought it was worth leaving a review since they don't say much about the cream itself online.


Dear Barbara, Thank you for your honest appraisal of Supreme Night Secret. We're very sorry to hear that this product did not suit your skin. Please get in touch with the Dr Sebagh customer services team (email: as we would like to help and remedy matters. Dr Sebagh Online Team. [10/12/20]