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Rose de Vie Serum (30ml)

Product Review (submitted on November 25, 2016):
To be honest. Before I start to use this oil I thought it will be too oily for my combination skin. But the reviews are so good and I always love the smell of rose. So I purchased it and use one drop in the evening two drops in the morning. The pleasant surprise is when I had spot during the period time. This oil calm the spots. Over one night, it makes the spot much smaller and after the second night , the spot just disappeared. And I mix it up with my cream so I wouldn't feel too oily while I'm using it. It just makes my face so soft and smooth. I don't know it feels that way because of this oil or the cream. But doesn't matter. Because everything comes from dr sebagh. My serum and night cream day cream eye cream vitamin c powder. Dr sebagh 's products just suits my skin. Will continue use dr sebagh
一开始还很犹豫,我这种混合肌肤用油会不会太油腻了。但是看了评论,又做了很多功课搜了其他美容博主的博客,还是决定试一试,加上一直就很喜欢玫瑰的味道。一开始用倒是没什么特别的,但是有一次生理期中额头上长了痘,发现在涂了这个精油之后,第二天痘就小了很多也没那么红肿了,到了第三天痘痘就完全消失了。我这样的疤痕体质,通常要四五天痘痘才能消。舒缓肌肤这一点,这款玫瑰精油真是没得说,第一次用到有这种功效的产品。不知道是不是精油的效果,反正我的脸用了赛贝格的产品后,一直都很软很平滑,一点都不会觉得干燥,T区也没有以前那么油腻了,可能是锁水保湿效果不错吧。反正我所有的护肤品都换成赛贝格了,精华早晚霜和维c粉,用了有半年了,感觉不错,不像我试的好多的大牌,一开始一两个月还行,慢慢就没效果了。赛贝格家的产品是第一个我用过的真正可以感觉到有效果的产品。就是价钱有点贵,不过一分钱一分货,再加入每次送好多的试用装,试用装都可以用好久。所以会一直用dr sebagh. 推荐!