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Rose de Vie Serum (30ml)

Product Review (submitted on November 26, 2014):
I've been using this oil for couple years now and I can definitely tell the differences. It moisturizes my face by using a drop of the oil. I know the price is a buzz-kill but come on, a full-size bottle lasts around 7 months for me. A little goes a long way and as a result of using this product my face became firmer, smoother, and even much more radiant. Therefore, I would recommend this oil to everyone!

我使用這個玫瑰油已經有兩年多了 我完全可以看到我皮膚上的變化!! 首先你每天只要一兩滴油就夠在你臉上提供足夠保濕保油能力

也許這瓶油真的價值不斐 但是我一瓶可以持續用7個月左右 算是在保養品中比較省的用量

用了這瓶油這兩年下來我覺得我的臉比以前還要緊緻 滑順 跟 透亮