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Breakout Cream & Powder (50ml + 5 tubes)

Product Review (submitted on February 22, 2014):
I have been suffering from ACNE for years ever since I had pregnancy shot and everything went downhill. My family doctor sent me to see specialist and he gave me minicycline 50mg x 2 pills.

It works the beginning but I wanna stop this medi bcoz it upsets my stomach a lot. I did stop the medi completely for 2 weeks but ended up horrible face with break outs after the 4th day. So, I start taking the medi again but it just don't work that good and still experiencing lots of break outs. I am Asian with fair skin and the acnes look so obvious on my face, so I decided to give this a try.

OH BOY, IT WORKS. I start to see the difference after 3 days of using this break out cream and powder. My face is really almost clear with a bit regular break out prior to my period. Although I still take the minocycline but I am about to reduce it down to one pill for two weeks and see. If everything is not so horrible I will continue to reduce minocycline to 0.

I will come back to post if my plan works.

But this cream and powder really works. If you are suffering from acne, give it a try.