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Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh

Acknowledged as one of the world’s premier cosmetic doctors, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh is a master of the delicate art of cosmetic medicine, with a focus on the face and neck.

Celebrities, models, socialites and VIPs comprise the high-profile clientele who visit Dr Sebagh for his breakthrough age-maintenance treatments. Raised in France, Dr Sebagh began his career over 30 years ago after graduating from the University of Paris in 1979, where he earned his Medical Doctorate and became a qualified Cosmetic Facial Surgeon. From 1985 to 1988, he honed his skills with a pre-eminent plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, refining his style in modern beauty, before returning to practice in Paris. In 1994, Dr Sebagh opened his practice in London and pioneered the use of Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers and vitamin injections. Combining these techniques, Dr Sebagh coined the phrase 'Ageing-Maintenance' to describe his revolutionary work to preserve existing youth and vibrancy and word soon spread about the doctor who could physically change skin by making it look younger without surgery. Renowned for his precise, subtle technique and notable yet natural looking results, Dr Sebagh not only makes his patients look younger, he makes them look better.

Dr Diana Piana-Mariton, Medecin Generaliste (France)Dr Diana Piana-Mariton, Medecin Generaliste (France)

Widely acknowledged as one of the most experienced specialist cosmetic doctors in her chosen field, Dr Diana Piana-Mariton has established a reputation as the doctor to consult when seeking age-maintenance treatments that require the latest advances in the use of Fraxel, Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and IPL. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, qualified at the University of Paris and Flower Fifth Avenue and New York University Medical Center 1977, Dr Piana-Mariton has been specialising in Cosmetic Dermatology since 1999 and has been a Certified Laser Specialist since 2002. She has practised in London since 2004. Dr Piana-Mariton works closely with Dr Sebagh and other members of his clinic to treat patients with state-of-the-art and effective non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation and enhancement. Her approach is based on obtaining “glowing, radiant skin" by techniques that stimulate the natural "healing" capacity of your skin to generate new collagen, elasticity and firmness. As well having great knowledge and expertise, Dr Piana-Mariton also has a reassuringly professional yet warm manner that allows patients to feel relaxed and at ease when with her.

Tine Hagelquist, Lead FacialistTine Hagelquist, Lead Facialist

Tine has worked with the clinic since 2012 and has over 20 years experience as a facialist both here in the UK and in her native Denmark. She is passionate about skincare and health in general. Her area of expertise is lymphatic drainage, working the skin to redefine the contours of the face as well as using her signature muscle work out to plump and tone the muscles under the skin. Tine has worked with Dr Sebagh on the new generation facials available at the London clinic and combines the newest technologies such as high frequency ultrasound, LED light and radio frequency with her traditional methods to reveal energised, firmer, and lifted skin.


Shirley Page, Holistic Clinical TherapistShirley Page, Holistic Clinical Therapist

Shirley joined Dr Sebagh’s clinic in 2001, having garnered vast experience and knowledge in a career both as a therapist and as an educator. Her specialised subjects are Clinical Therapy, Beauty Therapy, Light Therapy and Aromatherapy, which she uses on clients to bring the complexion to the optimum level of health and radiance, whilst providing wide-ranging advice on skin care maintenance for the face and body.

Dale St.Claire-Brady, Clinic ManagerDale St.Claire-Brady, Clinic Manager

Fatima Barbosa, ReceptionistFatima Barbosa, Receptionist

Clinic Notices

In keeping with the latest legal regulations, only specialist clinics with the necessary license are now permitted by law to perform the thread lift procedure.

As you would expect at the Dr Sebagh clinics in London and Paris, please be assured that we hold ALL the necessary licenses for all the treatments we offer.

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The Dr Sebagh clinic is closely following the information and guidance released by the UK government and Public Health England with regards to the spread and containment of coronavirus (COVID-19). Read more.

Dr Sebagh Clinic awarded Clinic of Excellence 2015 by Silhouette Soft

Dr Sebagh awarded Clinic of Excellence

Dr Sebagh Clinic has been presented with the Clinic Of Excellence award by Silhouette Soft.

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