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Dr Sebagh’s Dream Sculpture at Teoxane’s Expert Day, 2015.

Dr Sebagh has pioneered a remarkable facial sculpting technique to correct loss of the subcutaneous fat at the temples (fat atrophy), eye area (hollow eyes), cheekbones and lower cheek area, restoring dramatic, youthful contours.

This treatment has minimal discomfort, no scarring and most patients experience no bruising. The procedure takes only half an hour to complete. Contact the clinic here.

Part 1: Fillers

Part 2: Fillers

NEW only at Dr Sebagh’s London (25 Wimpole St.) and Paris clinics: the Dr Sebagh exclusive non-surgical facelift!

Now for the first time you can get a facelift result without the surgery.

Dr Sebagh has created his own unique revolutionary technique of combining Teosyal fillers and Silhouette Soft Lift to achieve the perfect surgery-free facelift.

Everyone’s dream – a surgery-free facelift – is now possible. See the video below. Contact the clinic here.

Part 3: Threads & Fillers

Dr Sebagh at Teoxane’s Expert Day, 2012.

Part 1: cheeks and chin

Part 2: whole face, including lips

Part 3: temples, cheeks, and jaw

Part 4: lips

Part 5: lips

Part 6: nose

Part 7: chin, lips, mouth, and forehead

Interview with Dr Sebagh at The Challenge of Beauty, Teoxane's Expert Day in Düsseldorf